Kathy MillerKathy Miller has a knack for finding the best tools and resources. When she can’t find a good system or tool where one is needed, she creates one by breaking down what many find challenging into manageable steps that are easy to follow. This has led to some amazing adventures in publishing.

You know you’ve found a good system when it makes way for genuine expression of your innate gifts, talents and abilities. For Kathy, the natural expression is in sharing the tools and techniques she has found. This has led to some amazing adventures in entrepreneurship, consulting, and teaching.

The most amazing technique Kathy has found, or that’s found her, is the Ishayas’ Ascension. This meditation-like technique, based on Praise, Gratitude and Love, started as a way to experience less stress and more joy and has become a way of life.

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Books by this author:

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