The Ishayas’ Ascension offers a series of mechanical techniques for training the mind to move inward. This inward movement automatically dissolves stress and expands consciousness. You can learn the Ishayas’ Ascension in a course called the “First Sphere.”

Reported Benefits:
• Deep rest
• Reduced symptoms associated with stress and anxiety
• Less interest in criticizing self and others
• More appreciation, gratitude and love
• Increased feelings of vitality
• Mental stability and alertness
• Greater clarity and wisdom

This everyday practice is:
• Simple
• Universal; no belief is required and integrates with your personal faith
• Gentle; works with thoughts — no need to force the mind to be quiet
• Based on Praise, Gratitude and Love
• Easy to incorporate into a busy life

The Ishayas’ Ascension can be used with eyes closed during quiet/meditation time for deep rest and healing. The technique can also be used with the eyes open in the midst of everyday activities. Practicing in this way allows us to be present, focused and effective throughout the day.

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